Enhanced Land Fund

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“…. at IPP Wealth Management we see a constant demand to invest in Australia, especially property to meet the Asian cultural need for long term generational wealth investments. Rod Mackay Consulting has brought us consistently high quality investment products that meet the needs of our clients in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Rod has also shown a good understanding of the Asian approach to investments and the marketing support we need. We look forward to continuing to work with Rod Mackay Consulting in the future.”

IPP Wealth Management Ltd (Licensed financial advisors in Singapore and Malaysia)

I had my eye on a prime lot of land, Rod was able to bring it up to scratch for development well ahead of schedule and well and truly validate my investment.

Steven Turner – Enhanced Land Fund investor

Premium Income Fund

premium income fund

Rod was thorough in dealing with my investment goals in the property market; not only did I get a greater return than I was expecting but I walked away with a lot of valuable knowledge about this country’s market. Tyler Wan – Premium Income Fund investor

Tony Walker – Enhanced Land Fund investor

Rod convinced me that his property options were a solid route for creating a nest egg, so far my investment has been generating nicely and I’m happy it will be a good investment for my superannuation. Kylie Sutherland – Premium Income Fund investor

Steven Turner – Enhanced Land Fund investor