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About Me

I currently work as an Asset Manager in the field of Real Estate Security and Share Market Performance, and am currently the Director of QB4 Capital.

I was born in Brisbane in 1950, am married with four adult children, of whom three are daughters (a Legal Studies high school teacher, a Lawyer and an Emergency Nurse) and one a son (in the Insurance business), and currently enjoy two grandchildren.

The property development business evolved out of providing consultancy services which focused on tax planning and succession planning solutions to High Net Worth clients, primarily medical specialists and successful family-owned businesses.

I have been in the Financial Services Industry in one form or another for the past forty years. My entry into real estate as an investment vehicle was during the mid-1980’s when the Australian Government permitted the incorporation of entities to secure generous tax relief through making contributions into superannuation. It was possible for these High Net Worth clients to establish what is called in Australia a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund.

At that time, medical doctors with high incomes could contribute large tax deductable contributions to their own self-managed superannuation fund which, over time, accumulated large cash
balances available for investment.

Because these superannuation fund vehicles were self-managed, the obvious next step was to invest these large cash reserves into real estate opportunities, and in particular, property
development projects. This enabled clients to build up a sizeable nest egg for retirement through participating in the development profit as well as the rental yield from any resulting
properties retained.

It was through these activities on behalf of clients that the property development programs were formed. Once an understanding of the art of property transactions was formed, a fragmented
process became a structured business process that provided investors with the security and certainty of a real estate asset with share market performance.