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Networking in one of Asia’s richest countries.

Rodney Mackay

On my recent trip to Singapore I met with several individuals with a healthy net-worth, with my intention being to warm them to the idea of QB4 investment.

When it comes to private banking in the Asia-Pacific area all roads lead to Singapore, something of an achievement considering the existence of its close neighbor, Hong Kong.

A recent WealthInsight report puts the number of millionaires in Singapore at approximately 150,000, that’s one in every 36 people.

The Singaporean government is injecting hundreds of millions into funding startups, with many being in the tech industry. As a country it is connected and primed to ride globalism to even greater growth.

As an asset manager this makes Singapore very attractive for finding potential clients, and means there is a lot of wealth flowing around that can be tapped into.

Of the people I met with, some sat at the head of well-established companies, whilst others were in the process of buoying their startup company; hoping to rise amongst the sea of burgeoning technology opportunists.

As I had hoped, the leads I met with were open to the security and potential profits offered by QB4 and will hopefully become healthy business clients in the future.

I encourage anyone who is in the business of nurturing businesses or channeling wealth to consider tapping into Singapore’s explosive growth as a source of profitable business networking.



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