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September Update

One of our latest initiatives, the Enhanced Land Fund has begun strongly and is operating well. QB4 capital is the appointed investment manager for the fund and so far inflows are above expectations and have allowed a number of transactions to be completed already.

The fund is built for liquidity, profits and security. This is achieved through a range of strategies, including but not limited to; the management of enhanced land from short to long term, regular disposal of land (creating liquidity), buying and selling high, and by owning all land and gear outright.

One of the driving forces in this growth is QB4’s relationship with Guardian Securities Limited, the Trustee and Responsible Entity of The Guardian Securities Investment Fund; so far the relationship has been mutually prosperous.

Another facet of the fund is the Premium Income Fund Unit Class which will be launched this month. Our goal with this aspect of the fund is to transact on projects that provide investors with real property safety, along with share market performance.

I also recently put into ink a Collaboration Agreement with Mr Michael Wong who is the principal partner of IPP Wealth Managers Limited in Malaysia, which has a great presence throughout the ASEAN trading block.

Last month Mr Wong and I travelled to Vietnam to conduct a series of meetings with high net worth clients and business leaders; all of whom have agreed to contribute to the Fund with $2m each via 132 Business Talent Visa applications for permanent residency in Australia.


A sucessful September to all of you,


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